New Basin Distilling Company is having a great summer!  We have been keeping our regular summer hours of 1-6, Thursday-Saturday.  We have enjoyed the many guests that have come through.  We also offer special events for groups that would like to visit.  Just contact us through our distillery phone number 541-288-8334.  We love to host groups, can offer tastings, tours and have a great merchandise store.  We can offer alternate hours/days to accomodate groups.

We have several events coming up in the next few weeks.  Our alcohol will be served exclusively at the Jefferson County Fair July 28-31st.  We will also be offering tastings and selling bottled spirits at the Crook County Fair in Prineville from August 10-13th.  We will also be offering tastings and selling bottled spirits at the Airshow of the Cascades in Madras August 26th-27th.  Our Stagger Gin was a big hit there last year with the nod it gives to flying.  In aviation "Stagger" refers to the horizontal positioning of a biplanes wings in relation to each other.  Moving the upper wing forward of the lower wing is a positive stagger, or more commonly, simply stagger.  Stagger Gin was our only bottled product last year during airshow time.  We are looking forward to introducing this group to our First Cut Vodka and Strong Whiskey. 

We have an excellent new salesman, Josh, who has been out and about visiting liquor stores and bars and restaurants and offering tastings. We can now be found in 38 liquor stores throughout Oregon.  If you are looking for us, OREGONLIQUORSEARCH is a great place to find specific spirits you might be looking for.  We can be found there under Strong Whiskey, Stagger Gin, and First Cut Vodka.  

We have appreciated all of your support and look forward to seeing you!