Spirited Talk

The New Basin Distilling Company blog helps you stay aware of what is going on at the distillery, in central Oregon, and in our fields.

New Basin Distilling Company/Still ComingOur new still is finally on its way.  As many of you know, our distillery has been temporarily closed while we have prepared for a slight remodel to accomodate our amazing new still.  It is a 24-column, custom made copper still.  We don't know of another still like it in Central Oregon.  We are currently producing 3 top quality products- Stagger Gin, First Cut Vodka, and Strong Whiskey.  

New Basin Distilling | Not the Same Old ThingWe don't plan on doing anything out of habit or because of some fussy tradition. We don't believe in doing things the same way as everyone else. We're making it one way, and only one way--our way. Otherwise what's the point?