We have been busy at New Basin Distilling!  Our new still has been fully installed and we are gearing up for our first run.

We had a great time at the ERA Rodeo and we appreciate everyone who stopped by to visit us!

Our Strong Whiskey, Stagger Gin, and First Cut Vodka are all now available in all Central Oregon Liquor Stores.  Please look for us on the shelves.

We have a new rather unique highway sign.  We had a lot of fun creating it and it is bringing us some new visitors from out of the area.  We LOVE to have guests.  We are providing tours, tastings, and have a great deal of merchandise in our merchandise room.  

We will be open this Friday and Saturday night from 5-8 (April 8th and 9th).  We are inviting our special guests from the Oregon Cutting Horse Association and will be open to the public, as well.  Everyone is welcome!  We will have snacks and all of our usual fun.  Even if you have been here before, we welcome our repeat friends!

If you don't see a time open and you would like to plan to stop by, let us know and we would be happy to meet you.  You can contact us here or on our New Basin Distilling Facebook page.  We will be extending our hours of operation through Spring and Summer..... Stay tuned!

Stop by- we look forward to meeting you.